Luther group creates quilts for those who need help

LUTHER — One group at Edgett's Wesleyan Church in Luther is trying to make their community a bit more warm and cuddly.

They are members of the Prayers and Squares quilting group, a national club in which local chapters create quilts which are prayed over by the quilters and then given to members of the community who are in need of prayer, support or just a reassuring blanket.

"Our group is affiliated with Edgett's Church, but everyone is welcome," explained Barb Fitzgerald, the group leader. "The quilts are put together by us, we place the ties in and as we go we say a prayer for whatever the person who requested the quilt is asking for prayers for."

Fitzgerald encourages everyone in the community to get in touch with the group, whether to help out or to suggest someone they know who may be in need a helping hand. She and her fellow quilters began after hearing about the national program from one of Fitzgerald's family members.

"It started when my sister-in-law took part in a similar program in San Diego, and as she was telling us all about it, God called to me and said this was something we could do for people here," said Fitzgerald.

The Edgett's Church group has completed 12 quilts so far, but are working on several more. In addition to the full-size quilts, the group produces small "pocket quilts" which allow them to reach out to hundreds of other people on a daily basis.

"We also do pocket quilts, which are three and a half inch by three and a half inch quilt squares with a cross sewn inside," said Fitzgerald. "We've given more than 350 of them away, and these we might hand out to someone in a store or in the supermarket who is having a hard time or to a child who needs to have their day brightened."

Fitzgerald says they do this solely out of a desire to make the lives of others better. Their materials are all donated and all the work is solely volunteer. Her only hope is their work makes a difference in people's lives.

"It's for anyone who is struggling and needs prayers," remarked Fitzgerald. "We will take a request from anyone or for anyone whether it is someone battling a disease or going through a period of grief or someone who just needs help."