BALDWIN — After months of campaigning, Baldwin Community Schools' $21-million bond proposal was voted down in the Nov. 5 elections.

With unofficial totals showing 738 votes against the bond and 565 votes in favor, Baldwin superintendent Rick Heitmeyer said the results are not what he wanted, but the district will continue to move forward, regardless of the community's decision.

"Although we are disappointed with the result, staff won't sulk or complain. Instead, they will do what they always do — work hard to make sure every student's needs are met," Heitmeyer said.

The proposed bond would have added an additional 2 mills to the district's current 1.24 millage rate, bringing it to 3.24 mills.

While the majority of voters ultimately showed their disapproval for the increased millage, others came out to the polls to voice their support for the district.

Michelle and Ron Holford, who submitted ballots at Webber Township Hall, said their vote was with students at BCS.

"We don't have children who go to Baldwin, but it's important to give kids who do go there somewhere nice to study," Michelle Holford said.

Though the bond was not approved, Heitmeyer added building repairs are still an issue for BCS, noting the board of education will regroup in the near future to discuss potential solutions for building maintenance.

"As a district, we will begin to strategize how we will address our needs in the future," he said. "They are not going away."

In the meantime, Heitmeyer added staff and students at Baldwin will continue to stay positive and motivated as they search for other ways to repair their buildings.

"There will be no negative comments on social media or even in the classroom. Instead, the focus will be where it always is: on the students. Regardless of what happened with the bond proposal, it is great to be a part of the Baldwin Panther family."