BALDWIN — As the Nov. 5 election approaches, area residents are getting ready to vote on Baldwin Community Schools' bond proposal.

If passed, the $21-million bond will be used to make major repairs to the elementary building as well as to construct a new secondary building.

"The school definitely needs a lot of work. They can't keep putting Band-Aids on it like they've been doing," Mickie Stauffer, a Baldwin resident, said.

However, not all locals are impressed by the $21-million cost of the project.

One Baldwin District voter, Steve Mallery, said with such a small amount of students, it doesn't make sense to spend that much on a brand new school, especially after the May 2018 bond proposal was rejected.

"It seems to me a poll of district voters should have been completed first," he said. "This should not be an issue year after year. Voters already said 'no.'"

While Mallery is not pleased with taxes being raised, Stauffer pointed out the proposed 2-mil increase will only bring the millage rate to 3.24, which is lower than many other area schools.

The increased millage rate is $2 for every $1,000 of taxable valuation. For a home worth $100,000, a homeowner would pay about $100 a year.

Stauffer said even though she does not have any children currently enrolled at Baldwin, she will be voting to pass the bond anyway.

After speaking with superintendent Rick Heitmeyer, Stauffer said she can see why the bond is needed.

"I voted 'no' the first time around, but I am 100 percent for this now. People have to realize it's about the kids," she said."We need to think about them and their futures."

Others argue with small class sizes in Baldwin compared to other area schools, it's not worth the money.

"My idea would be to simply return the school back to a middle and elementary building.and send the high school students to bigger and better schools nearby," Mallery said.

Stauffer said to many students, this is not a reasonable solution.

"Nobody is going to send their kids that far to go to school. It's a waste of gas and it's inconvenient," she said.

Whether for or against the bond proposal, Baldwin district voters will have the chance to voice their opinion Tuesday, Nov. 5, during the election.