Light up Christmas with these tips

It’s getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year, and while many of us can’t wait to get our lights up and bring our Christmas decorations out, there are ways to switch things up a bit this time around when it comes to your holiday decorations. 

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor decor, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has you covered with some fun ideas that will turn your space into a wonderland.

Holiday Light Balls: Create vibrant holiday light balls out of chicken wire and Christmas lights for some beautiful outdoor lights. You’ll need chicken wire, a set of wire cutters, a string of mini LED lights and gloves.


  1. Roll out your chicken wire and cut it to measure around 4ft. You can cut wherever you’d like to create a bigger or smaller ball.
  2. When cut, connect the two ends together by twisting the metal around each other to form a cylinder of chicken wire. We suggest using gloves for this step as the chicken wire may be hard to shape without gloves, and to avoid any small cuts or scrapes.
  3. Once you have a cylinder of chicken wire, begin shaping it into a ball by folding the open sides of the cylinder in. Have your wire cutters handy as you may need to trim the wire in order to mold the cylinder into a ball. As you fold the wire, continue to twist the wires together to ensure that the ball keeps its shape.
  4. Wrap the ball evenly with lights of your choice. We suggest colored mini LED lights, but you can go with solid colors or even twinkle lights. Make sure that the plug is outside of the ball so that it can be easily plugged in.

String Light Christmas Tree: To have a Christmas Tree in your house without the hassle of setting up an entire tree, create a festive bright Christmas Tree using LED lights, garland, or other decorations around your house. This works if you want multiple Christmas Trees throughout your home, as well.

Create a Starry Holiday Experience: Transform a room or outdoor space into a starry dream with a starry light set. Hang the lights from ceiling beams or drape them across light fixtures to create a celestial holiday experience in the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Make a Glowing Mason Jar Centerpiece: Fill a mason jar with battery-powered LED lights for an easy yet magical holiday centerpiece. You can even put these throughout your home to provide rooms with warm white light.

Out With the Old, in With the New: If you are still using Christmas lights with dull, inefficient light bulbs, try switching to LED Christmas lights this year. LED light bulbs are safer, last much longer, and will save you on energy costs.