Learn how to prepare for any type of emergency

Webinar topics focus on food safety

In the wake of massive flooding in Midland due to a catastrophic failure of the Edenville Dam, Michigan State University Extension is hosting a series of free webinars on emergency preparedness.

Held online at noon Fridays in June, the Lunch and Learn presentations will focus on food safety before, during and after an emergency. MSU food safety educators will provide the most up-to-date information, and be available to answer questions during a Q&A portion.

Lunch and Learn Series on Emergency Preparedness

• Noon, June 5: Power Outages and Food Safety

• Noon, June 12: Food Safety after Severe Weather Events

• Noon, June 19: Making an Emergency Preparedness Kit

• Noon, June 26: Sanitizing and Disinfecting — Types of Bleach

To register, visit canr.msu.edu/events/emergency-preparedness-june or call 877-643-9882. Zoom information, phone-in number and ID will be given at registration.

For more information or questions, contact Joyce McGarry at mcgarryj@msu.edu