LeRoy school named Pine River Area Elementary

Karin Armbruster

Star Staff Writer 

LEROY — In a unanimous vote at the June 24 Pine River Area Schools Board of Education meeting, board members chose to change the name of LeRoy Elementary School to Pine River Area Elementary School.

The alteration follows the board’s decision to close elementary buildings in Tustin and Luther, which leaves the LeRoy location as the sole elementary school. Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, it will be a K-3 school.

At the June 10 school board meeting, board members proposed two names, including Pine River Elementary School and Pine River Area Elementary School. Many believed the change will help unify the


PRAS Superintendent Jim Ganger said a new sign, purchased with fundraised money, will be made and installed with the help of Carl Gustafson, who is the grandfather of an elementary student who attends the school in LeRoy.

In other business, the board members approved the 2013-14 budget, which includes 18 mills of ad valorem taxes to be levied on non-homestead and non-qualified agricultural property to be used for operating purposes.

The budget has revenues of $1.9 million from local funding, $6.8 million from state funding, $487,500 from federal funding and $160,000 from other sources, which brings the total revenue to $9.3 million. Combined with the total fund balance as of July 1, there is $9.9 million available.

Expenditures, including basic programs ($5 million) added needs ($1.3 million) and support services including general and school administration, operation and maintenance, transportation, business services and more total $9.6 million.

Also, the board approved a motion to reject the idea of privatizing the custodial and transportation departments. Ganger said there have been concessions made by the department employees which have helped the district, which resulted in a unanimous vote.

The next PRAS Board of Education meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on July 8 in the high school/middle school media center.