Lake Couty Youth Committee holds inaugural session

LAKE COUNTY - Now it’s official.

Following an organizational meeting recently, the Lake County Youth Committee has formed and is moving forward with discussion on the future of the fairgrounds property as well as other items under discussion.

“Our meeting was really well attended, and it is good to see there are people with a real interest in creating opportunities for the young people of our county,” noted board member and County Commissioner Scott Williams.

The first ‘official’ meeting of the Youth Committee (LCYC) was held Jan. 27, and the first order of business was the selection of officers.

Seth Hopkins, the local 4H youth program coordinator, was voted in as committee chair, with Scott Williams, placed in the vice-chair’s seat, and Sandy Crandall named as secretary.

Meetings of the LCYC will be held on the last Friday of every month at 10 a.m. The public is encouraged to attend - and get involved.

Largely under discussion at the inaugural meeting of the LCYC was the state and condition of buildings still standing on the fairgrounds property. Initial reports are that the structures are no longer viable or safe and will need to be removed before any real development can take place on the remaining property.

Sandy Dennis, of the USDA Rural Development issued with there group the opportunities for grant funding.

While discussion was certainly educational and informational, any practical discussion was tabled until the February meeting.

“It would be hard to really get down to the fine points of grant discussions without having a structural report on the building still standing out there,” said Williams.

The group discussed where their future activities might fit in with broader county Master Plan programs, and also heard a report from Tony Gagliardo, Webber Township supervisor, with regard to activity and plans for the Lake County Youth Park in Webber - immediately adjacent to the fairgrounds property.

In the only real practical action taken by the committee at this point, the board approved allowing Tony Dixon from the RRP to allow inmates to continue maintaining a community garden on the fairgrounds property.

Approval was unanimous.

“It really feels good to be actually up and running,” said Williams.

“I think a lot of good can come from this committee, and we will very quickly move from the discussion side of things to actually getting projects on the drawing board and work getting done to make this county a better place to live for all residents – especially our young people.”