Lake County to implement new voting machines

LAKE COUNTY — What Lake County Clerk Patti Pacola refers to as dinosaurs — the current voting machines — will soon be replaced with new voting equipment, to be in place by the November 2018 election.

“These new voting machines will actually have touch screens,” she said. “They are so convenient and can fold up and fit in a closet for easy storage. We hope updating the system will bring out more young voters. We were able to negotiate with Michigan Township Services for 100 percent funding by the state for the new equipment. Townships will pay nothing, but they will have to pass a resolution in favor of the new voting machines.”

In addition to new voting machines, there also will be a new voting program townships will work with called Qualified Voter File (QVF) Refresh.

Pacola said there will be a lot of training for election officials to learn the new system at the state level and county level.

“I am excited about the new system. Some counties already have their new equipment in place. The company supplying the voting equipment, ElectionSource, operates right in Michigan, and they will send representatives to each county during election time.

“I think the new voting machines will be more people-friendly, and counties that already have the system in place say it runs smoothly. It will speed up the process by separating regular votes from absentee votes, which before were all in one bin and had to be separated physically.”