Lake County residents vote in March 8 elections

LAKE COUNTY — March 8 marked the day Michigan residents cast their ballots in the presidential primary and the Lake County community made its voice heard.

On the Republican Party ticket, Donald Trump received 803 votes in Lake County, with 50.53 percent of voting county residents casting ballots for him. In second place was Ted Cruz who received 382 votes and John Kasich came in third with 237 votes.

The statewide voting also had Trump come out ahead with 36.51 percent of the Republican vote.

On the Democratic Party ticket, Hillary Clinton got more support in Lake County receiving 548 votes, or 50.09 percent of all Lake County residents voting for her. Her sole remaining challenger, Bernie Sanders, received 514 votes.

However, across the state Sanders received more votes, narrowly edging out Clinton, 49.83 percent to 48.27 percent.

There were five local issues a number of Lake County residents also cast ballots for on March 8. This included a proposal to renew an operating millage for the Kaleva Norman Dickson School District. Only certain residents of Elk Township voted on the measure in Lake County. They decided by a margin of 94 votes to 52 votes to continue the millage for another six years.

Yates Township residents voted to extend their one mil — $1 per every $1,000 of taxable income —  road millage for another 10 years. This measure passed with 145 residents voting "yes" and 74 voting "no."

Peacock Township residents had three local proposals to vote on. The first of which was a decision whether to accept an additional half-mil collection to its current half-mil general fund collection. Voters decided not to, with 111 residents casting "no" ballots and 38 casting "yes."

Residents of Peacock Twp. also voted on a half-mil general operating millage renewal that would last until 2021 to help fund the township’s yearly budget. This decision came out as a tie with with each side casting 74 votes. Election law in Lake County states this will result in the measure not passing.

Lastly, the third Peacock Twp. proposal, which would renew a one-mil collection which provides fire service for the township, was approved by voters, 87 votes to 62.