Lake County Sheriffs stop murder suspect

Murder Suspect Eric Beauchamp
Murder Suspect Eric Beauchamp

WEXFORD COUNTY- After fatally shooting Lindsey Morgan on Friday, August 8, suspect Eric Beauchamp was shot and arrested in South Branch Township by the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Although Police are not releasing all the details regarding the case, it is believed that Beauchamp arrived at Morgan's home in Buckley, killed her, then proceeded to steal a truck in order to escape. Although several children were in the house, including two children who were Beauchamp and Morgan's, they were left unharmed. After Wexford County Sheriff's confirmed the homicide, an alert was put out to all relevant law enforcement agencies to find Beauchamp.

Soon after, the Mason County Sheriff's Department received reports of a man with a gun, which several Lake County deputies responded to. A second report of an armed man was called into the police in Baldwin. When his car was approached just north of the village by the deputies he quickly took off and began a high speed chase up M-37. After crossing back into Wexford County, the driver collided with another vehicle shortly before crashing into the guard rail of the Peterson Bridge over the Pine River.

He exited the vehicle armed and was wounded by a pursuing Lake County Sheriff's deputy. He was then identified as Beauchamp, placed in police custody, and transported to the Munson Hospital in Traverse City.

"The Lake County deputies were the ones who picked him up in Baldwin and were the only ones on the bridge when he was shot," said Lake County Sheriff Bob Hilts. "[At the time] Mason County had put spike strips down about a mile past the bridge and several other departments like Wexford County Sheriffs and the Michigan State Police were converging. We were going to get this guy."

"I've been here for over thirty-five years, and this is the first officer involved shooting I've seen except one accidental discharge incident a few years ago," said Hilts. "There have been a number of incidents in the last few years, though. Deputies are out here to protect people from this. Hopefully this ends here, but we will do what we have to do to protect them."

Beauchamp has been charged with murder, but other several charges are expected to be filed. The motive in the murder is still unknown.