BALDWIN — The Lake County Sheriff's Office reported an employee tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

In a news release posted to Facebook on Friday, Sheriff Rich Martin said the employee was recovering at home in isolation and did not require hospitalization.

The employee's identity and specific work responsibilities were not released, nor was the current medical condition of the employee.

According to the post, the employee who tested positive will not be permitted to return to work until they meet state and local guidelines.

"Given the duration and continued spread of this dreadful virus, unfortunately the likelihood increases of employees being infected," Martin said. "Please know the Lake County Sheriff's Office has been proactive in planning and taking as many precautions as possible to reduce exposure for our employees and the public that we serve."

Martin added that although he did not want to cause panic in the community, he thought the public had a right to know about the positive case in the sheriff's office.

"Our thoughts are with our employee, and we hope for a full recovery and a quick return to public service," he said.