Lake County Republican party meets

BALDWIN -- The regular meeting of the Republican party met Aug. 13 with 17 present.

The Pledge of the Flag, was led by Joan Runnels, president. Prayer was given by Patrick Maddox. Minutes of previous meeting read with corrections and comments on the previous report.

Treasurer report given by Erv Habada received from Faith Stekeekee who has resigned her position as treasurer through Erv Habada. The total amount was $1,917 general account and the Levin Account was $973.

New business:

The first item of business was to elect a new treasurer. Robert Snedeker volunteered with not one else wanting to take the position.

Bill Stankey made the motion to accept his position as the new treasurer and Steve Savickas seconded the motion. Motion carried

The second order of business was to endorse Craig Cooper for second term as prosecuting attorney.

Motion made by Robert Snedeker and seconded by Steve Savickas. Motion carried with some comments about support to others in the party consensus was to limit endorsements

Third order of business was to not endorse Lake County Sheriff Richard Martin motion made by Robert Snedeker seconded by Kate Maddox motion carried after discussion on how the sheriff is endorsing other candidates other than Republicans running for office.

Martin was circulating petitions against Cooper and actively campaigning against Betty Dermyer and other republicans in the past

Old business:

Ervin Habada suggested in last meeting the group do more toward the November election, like having a list of those candidates and possible information about the candidates encouraging people to get out and vote.

He is checked on the cost of card, etc., which he did and brought the list to the group. However Joan Runnels suggested contacting trying Jack Pine

Meeting was adjourned at due to having the county convention take place.