LAKE COUNTY — The dawning of 2019 will be favorable for Lake County’s 1,100 veterans with the creation of the Lake County Department of Veterans Affairs going into effect on Jan. 1.

With voters authorizing the county to level up to .1 mills to fund claims from eligible indigent veterans and their dependents and create a veterans affairs office, commissioners passed a resolution to get everything in motion during their December meeting.

Included in the resolution is a transfer of duties and responsibilities from the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Commission to a newly created Veterans Affairs Committee. The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Commission helped with burial services for veterans.

“We went down the right path as a county to create a veterans’ affairs committee,” said Commissioner Karl Walls. “The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Commission did a good job, and we should be able to take their knowledge and experience to the new committee.”

The veteran’s affairs office will be overseen by a committee of six residents who served on active duty on U.S. Armed Forces.

The following were appointed to the committee: Apryl Coleman, two years; Nicolette McClure, two years; Mahdi A. Tate, three years; Gary Coleman, three years; Wayne Eversole, four years and Kenneth A. Moore, four years.

The newly established committee, in conjunction with Lake County Administrator Tobi Lake, will search for a veterans service officer, a part-time position approved in the resolution which included a job description and pay grade.

The resolution also authorizes the county to enter an agreement with Michigan Works West Central for office space and utilities to house the veterans service office.