BALDWIN -- Repairs to the front entrance of the Lake County Courthouse building are moving forward.

Lake County Administrator Tobi Lake told the Board of Commissioners, at its meeting May 27 that the doors are installed, and glass is being cut to fit and will be installed soon.

"The measurements were off, so they had to go back and cut down the glass so that it would fit," Lake said. "That's why it is boarded up now."

In addition, the county has received three quotes for doing the drywall and the repairs, he said.

"Maintenance should have a decision on that soon, and will be able to move forward with construction," he added.

In April, an Idlewild man drove through the barriers in front of the employee entrance and crashed through the front doors of the courthouse building.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident, but the building was closed temporarily while authorities investigated.

Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin said at the time that it appeared to be a deliberate act.

Along with door repairs, Lake said, they are working on installing a new card swipe system for security.

"What we will be moving toward is a system like most other counties have, which is some type of hard card that you swipe," Lake said. "It can be configured to any door and can be programmed to allow access to the building only at certain times.

"I don't know how we will configure that, whether it's going to involve getting everything ready and then switching everybody over, but the first step is getting the system in place," he said.