Lake County Community Foundation receives grant

LAKE COUNTY — The Lake County Community Foundation has been awarded a grant for $14,233 from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

The grant was awarded to help sponsor programs which are active in the Lake County area aimed at preventing teen pregnancy.

“We look forward to working with local partners on a collaborative teen pregnancy prevention campaign,” said Sandy Clarke, chair of the LCCF Board of Trustees. “The high rate of teen pregnancy is a challenging issue in our community and these funds provide an opportunity for us to work together on evidence-based prevention strategies that will meet our county’s unique needs.”

Programs developed with the Michigan Health Endowment funds will target Lake County male and female youths ages 15 to 19 with a particular emphasis on those in low-income households.

“It will focus on training members of local healthcare services and the school district,” explained Maria Gonzalez, the foundation manager. “It can help set up new programs or reinvigorate existing programs aimed at preventing teen pregnancy.”

The LCCF provides grant money to a variety of local programs which benefit the community. It is currently accepting bids for these funds — both programs which would discourage teen pregnancy and all other programs.

Grant applications will be due Friday, March 18, and are available online at

In addition to the LCCF’s grant awarding ceremony in June, the foundation also will sponsor its annual baked potato supper from 4 to 7 p.m. on April 16, at the St. Ann’s Senior Center in Baldwin. In August, the organization also will host its sampler auction.

The LCCF is searching for interested members in the community who may wish to join the group’s board.

“John Drake, our board’s vice-chair, will be stepping down this year due to term limits so we are looking to fill that position as well as another vacant seat we have open,” said Gonzalez. “We expect to fill them by June. People interested should contact a member of our board.”

For more information, call (231) 924-5350.