LAKE COUNTY — With the threat of Lake County Central Dispatch being severely understaffed in early May and the county approving backup services with Newaygo County dispatch, public officials are happy to announce the situation is now corrected and Lake County Central Dispatch is fully staffed.

"We are now up to eight full-time dispatchers, with two in training. Our goal is to have nine full-time dispatchers and a part-time dispatcher," said Lake County Board of Commissioners Chair Howard Lodholtz. "The situation of being understaffed turned for the better and we're happy."

Lodholtz said the number of interviews were kicked up a notch and two commissioners sat in on the interview process for dispatchers.

"These are quality dispatchers, some having previous experience as dispatchers in other counties. Some scored very high on their 911 test, earning 91 and 92 percent. We are on the right path," he said.