LAKE COUNTY — Lake County Animal Control received state recognition on Sept. 28 during the Michigan Pet Alliance Conference in Kalamazoo.

Undersheriff Wesley Bierling, Deputy Alyssa Chapman and Commissioner Betty Dermeyer accepted the award on behalf of Lake County Animal Control for most improved shelter in the micro-shelter division.

"We lowered our animal euthanasia by 21 percent more in 2017 than in 2016," Bierling said. "We have been adopting more animals out and had more animals returned to their owners thanks to more outreach into the community and more awareness through social media.

"The only reason we got this award is because of the amazing, hard work by deputies Alyssa Chapman and Amy VanDyken."

Sheriff Rich Martin was happy about the achievement.

"We are very proud of our animal control staff and their hard work on obtaining this award," he said.