Lake County 4-H recognizes its volunteers

National Volunteer Week is April 18-24

LAKE COUNTY — Lake County 4-H would like to thank the contributions of its volunteers as part of National Volunteer Week, April 18-24.

4-H volunteers volunteer for many reasons. Some want to work with youth, or pass along skills, and others just want to help out. Whatever the reason, 4-H leaders in Lake County play a vital role in the ongoing growth and development of youth within our county.

Volunteers such as Lee Moore, Jim Payne, Jerry Tenbrink, and Eva Palmer worked tirelessly organizing and coaching the 4-H baseball/softball summer league for many years. When they weren’t on the field, they worked with community partners to collect donations for equipment and obtain t-shirts and caps for the youth.

Once the program ended, Lee went on to help with the 4-H financial literacy program, the 4-H car wash, and represented 4-H in many parades. Jim is getting ready to start a 4-H music club this summer.

Other volunteers such as Joan Runnels, Angie Maury, Bernie Peck and Mary Ann Ransom spend countless hours sharing their love of sewing and crafting with 4-H youth, but they don’t stop there.

Angie, for instance, serves as a 4-H organizational leader in another county in addition to her time spent with Lake County 4-H. When we were short-staffed for the MSU Extension/4-H Holiday Open House, Bernie was called. She greeted and served hot cocoa and cookies to 90 people! Mary Ann, who served as a 4-H volunteer for 35 years prior to coming to Lake County, introduced ceramics to the Lake County 4-H program.

Their dedication and commitment to 4-H is inspiring!

When it was time to find chaperones for 4-H Exploration Days, a four-day event at Michigan State University, Duane Roberts, Miranda Roberts, and Daron Copeland stepped forward and took on the task of supervising 25 youth as they experienced what college life is like! Duane has been a chaperone for this trip many times.

Then there is Meghan Ping whose enthusiasm and passion for 4-H is endless. Meghan grew up in Baldwin and often talked about how 4-H impacted her life. All these 4-H volunteers selflessly contribute their time and talent to their communities every year.

The list would not be complete if we did not mention Christina Putkela, Marcee Williams, Tamara McKenzie, and Harold Nichols who are in the process of becoming volunteers for the Lake County 4-H program. We are excited to see what they will bring to the 4-H program!

When 4-H youth and adults work together, young people become more educated, independent, and responsible. This prepares young people to take their rightful place as caring, competent citizens and leaders in their community and the world. A special thank you to all of our 4-H volunteers and to all of the past volunteers that have built the Lake County 4-H program.


National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to build stronger communities and be a force that transforms lives.

With more than 15,000 4-H volunteers across the state contributing to the success and expansion of the 4-H Youth Development program, volunteers are very much an intricate part of Michigan 4-H. Through their efforts young people experience new projects, leadership experiences, and engage in their communities.