Lake County 4-H receives grants to bring opportunities to youths

LAKE COUNTY — The Lake County 4-H program, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of local youth, today announced that it has been awarded two grants — the 4-H Civic Engagement Grant and the 4-H Educational and Training Grant — from the Lake County Community Foundation.

The Lake County Community Foundation grant program supports and empowers local community organizations by addressing human services, education, environment, arts and culture, and other charitable needs in Lake County.

The funds provided by the 4-H Civic Engagement Grant will prepare young people for active citizenship by focusing on civic engagement and public policy through 4-H Capitol Experience and 4-H Citizen Washington Focus.

Youth attending 4-H Capitol Experience, a four-day conference held in Lansing, will experience state government in action and learn how they can influence policy issues. They will interact with legislators, state agency staff, lobbyists, and other resource people to learn how policy is made. Tours and agency visits take place at the State Capitol, Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Museum, and surrounding areas.

4-H Citizenship Washington Focus participants learn about our nation's government by participating in week-long leadership workshops and touring of historical sites including memorials, the Supreme Court, and the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. They will learn about the history of our nation, the leaders who have shaped it, and how they can apply the leadership and citizenship skills gained at the event to their own lives and communities when they return home.

The second grant, 4-H Educational and Training Grant, will provide funding for 4-H youth and adult volunteers to attend 4-H educational workshops, training events and activities, held virtually or in-person once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, throughout Michigan. These events are designed to build skills and knowledge of teens and adults who volunteer or work with young people in non-formal educational settings and are intended to provide hands-on developmental or subject matter experiences. In addition, skills such as communicating, listening, and experiencing new connections can be developed through such platforms which have immense value for 4-H youth and adult volunteers alike.

To learn more about the grant opportunities and how to get involved with the Lake County 4-H program, contact Laurie Platte Breza, 4-H coordinator, at or visit