Lake County 4-H receives grants through the Michigan 4-H Foundation

LAKE COUNTY -- Lake County 4-H recently received two grants from the Michigan 4-H Foundation.

The Michigan 4-H Foundation annually approves the distribution of competitive grant funds to encourage and support the implementation of great ideas that promote positive youth development and innovative 4-H program opportunities in local communities. Lake County 4-H was among this year’s recipients of the Michigan 4-H Foundation’s grants by being awarded both the Michigan 4-H Legacy Grant and the 4-H On-Target Grant.

The Michigan 4-H Legacy Grant will support the 4-H Adventurous SPIN Club, an afterschool 4-H Club with Baldwin Middle School starting in January. Lake County 4-H has received the 4-H On-Target Grant in the past and will again put the grant funding toward the purchase of archery equipment for the 4-H Archery program. Enrollment for 4-H archery program will open in March.

4-H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing.  Kids complete hands-on projects in areas as science, health, agriculture, and citizenship in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult volunteers and mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.  Kids can concentrate on one focus area, or they can try a variety of programs throughout their 4-H experience.

With nearly 100 youth involved in community 4-H clubs, in school 4-H clubs, afterschool 4-H clubs, and 4-H SPIN clubs, Lake County 4-H program has become the largest youth-based organization in Lake County. 4-H is open to youth, ages 5-19. To learn more about the Lake County 4-H program, contact Laurie Platte Breza, 4-H coordinator, at