Lake County 4-H open enrollment begins Sept. 15

LAKE COUNTY — Did you know that compared to their peers, youth enrolled in 4-H are two times as likely to go to college, two times as likely to pursue careers in science, and four times as likely to give back to their communities?

Since 1902, 4-H has been there reaching out to young people across America to develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills as they work in partnership with adult mentors. In 4-H, we are committed to helping young people, ages 5-19 years of age, develop skills that will help them succeed and reach their full potential.

4-H has deep traditional roots within agriculture, however, 4-H today also encompasses many learning opportunities designed to fit the needs of youth at different ages. Through a variety of projects — from food and forestry to rockets and sewing — 4-H gives children and teens opportunities to learn life skills, to practice them, and become confident in their ability to use them in the future. There are hands-on, learn-by-doing, opportunities for everyone!

In addition to community 4-H clubs within Lake County, there are also a vast number of opportunities for youth to become engaged in 4-H through in-school programs, after-school programs and clubs, 4-H’s partnership with local libraries, and 4-H outreach opportunities such as statewide workshops, and trips such as 4-H Winterfest, 4-H Capitol Experience, 4-H Exploration Days, and 4-H Citizen Washington Focus.

Families can enroll at or fill out an 4-H application found in the drop box outside the back entrance of the MSU Extension office, 830 Michigan Ave., Baldwin. Completed 4-H enrollments can be left in the drop box as well, or scanned and emailed to Laurie Platte Breza at

To learn more about 4-H enrollment and opportunities, contact Laurie Platte Breza, Lake County 4-H program coordinator, at or call 231-745-2732.