LAKE COUNTY -- The Lake County 4-H program announced that it received two grants from the Michigan 4-H Foundation for youth programming.

The 4-H On-Target and Michigan 4-H Legacy grants are designed to encourage program planning and participation by 4-H members and volunteers in partnership with MSU Extension and 4-H program staff.

The 4-H On-Target Grant supports county 4-H shooting sports programs to enhance existing programs, develop a new program or offer a special experience related to 4-H Shooting Sports.

Funded with support from Thomas Cobb, former Michigan 4-H Foundation president and the Michigan 4-H of Michigan State University Extension, Lake County 4-H has designated the grant money for archery equipment. Despite delays due to COVID-19 concerns, Lake County 4-H in partnership with the Lake County Sportsman's Club, continues to move ahead with plans for a 4-H archery club for youth, ages 9-19, for spring/summer 2021.

The Michigan 4-H Legacy Grant helps support the development of a new program or to strengthen, enhance or expand a current program that is making a difference.

Funded by the Michigan 4-H Legacy Fund Endowment, Lake County 4-H is developing a Babysitting 4-H Club based off the 4-H/Army Child, Youth and School Services Babysitter Curriculum. Youth ages, 11-19 will learn what it takes to be a babysitter by covering topics, such as the ages and stages of child growth and development; safety concerns; food and nutrition; how to handle emergencies; appropriate activities to implement with children; and the business of babysitting. The Babysitting Club is being planned for summer 2021, if in-person contact is possible.

The Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees annually approves the distribution of competitive grant opportunities for 4-H programs. Applications are awarded through a review process and geared toward addressing the needs of both the county 4-H program and the community.

For more information about the Lake County 4-H program, contact 4-H program coordinator Laurie Platte Breza at