Lake County 4-H, MSU join for CrowdPower Campaign 

Funds to provide volunteers with curriculum, education materials 

LAKE COUNTY — Many people think 4-H is just for kids who live on farms or those interested in raising and selling animals, but there is more to 4-H than that.

Offering a diverse range of topics and interest areas, 4-H is the largest youth development organization in Michigan. In fact, each year more than 200,000 young people explore what interests and excites them as they grow through Michigan 4-H. From program areas ranging from science and technology to clothing and textiles, and so much more, 4-H provides fun, educational opportunities that empower young people with skills to lead for a lifetime and become the foundation for future success.

While COVID-19 has presented new obstacles to navigate, Lake County 4-H’s commitment to positive youth development is unwavering and 4-H will continue to support youth during this difficult time. With the return to in-person 4-H club meetings and events, Lake County 4-H would like to provide 4-H curriculum and educational materials to 4-H volunteers to use with young people.

Doing so will extend and enhance youth’s learning with fun, hands-on activities, provide an outside source of information that will be a positive reinforcement to club learning, and offer a different point of view about the same subject matter which may help youth comprehend and apply their newfound knowledge.

To make this happen, Lake County 4-H is partnering with the MSU Make a Difference CrowdPower Campaign, an online funding platform where donors can select from multiple projects and give directly to a cause that matters the most to them.

Through this process, Lake County 4-H is seeking $3,000 in donations using the CrowdPower Campaign at Project Curriculum for 4-H Clubs and Volunteers | Giving to Michigan State University ( to provide 4-H volunteers with numerous 4-H curriculum and education materials on everything from sewing to financial literacy, poultry to safety, healthy living to gardening, and everything in between. The CrowdPower Campaign runs from now through Oct. 31.

Supporting existing youth programs and expanding them to accommodate the needs and interests of all of our youth, must be a community if not a county-wide priority. Programs, such as 4-H, can help build a stronger foundation for our youth, but they can’t do it alone.

By supporting the Lake County 4-H CrowdPower Campaign at Project Curriculum for 4-H Clubs and Volunteers | Giving to Michigan State University (, all donations will go toward the purchase of 4-H project curriculum and educational materials for both 4-H volunteers and youth to use.

For more information on the CrowdPower Campaign for 4-H curriculum and educational materials, contact Laurie Platte Breza, Lake County 4-H coordinator, at or visit