LLCs and PLLCs 2012 annual statements due on or before Feb. 15

LANSING — The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Bureau of Commercial Services (BCS) today issued a reminder that the 2012 annual statements for limited liability companies (LLC) and professional limited liability companies (PLLC) are required to be filed by Feb. 15 of each


Section 207 of the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act, Public Act 23 of 1993, effective June 1, 1993, provides that all domestic limited liability companies and foreign limited liability companies authorized to transact business in Michigan are required to file an annual statement each


In addition, Section 909 of the Act requires professional limited liability companies to file an annual report listing all of the members of the PLLC. Annual statements and reports must be filed no later than Feb. 15 of each year and can be filed online at

These sections also provide that if a limited liability company fails to file its annual statement/report or the filing fee is not paid for two years, the limited liability company will not be in good standing. The status of the limited liability company will be “active, but not in good standing.”

A limited liability company that is not in good standing is not entitled to a certificate of good standing; its company name will be available for use by another entity, and no document will be filed on behalf of the company other than a certificate of


The links to the applicable sections of the Limited Liability Company Act regarding good standing, Sections 207a (3) and 909 (4), are:, and

To avoid the status of “active, but not in good standing,” file your annual statement or report today.