LCCF to host annual baked potato supper

BALDWIN — Grab a fork, the Lake County Community Foundation is once again hosting its annual baked potato supper in Baldwin.

The LCCF is a philanthropic foundation which works with donors and contributors to fund programs aimed at improving the quality of life of Lake County residents. The baked potato supper is organized so neighbors can meet, talk and learn more about the LCCF, and will last from 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 16, at St. Ann's Senior Center.

"Each spring, the Lake County Community Foundation sponsors a baked potato supper, hosted at the St. Ann’s Senior Center on Maple Street," said Sally Murry, the LCCF's event committee chair. "The cost is only $6 per person for a loaded potato, coleslaw and a homemade dessert. Our wonderful business and individual sponsors help cover the cost, so every dollar on a ticket allows our team to support activities in this wonderful community where many of us live and work and where families and friends visit."

The LCCF considers the Baked Potato Supper a “friend raiser,” creating connections between members of the community and raising awareness in the area about the grants they award and the many nonprofits which benefit as a result.

"It's such a wonderful opportunity for our community to get together and share with each other our life experiences, to be able to talk about family, what we're going through and how we can continue to support one another in the community," said LCCF chair Sandy Clarke. "The LCCF is about people and this event drives that point home."

Proceeds will go toward the LCCF's grant program, which awards funding to various groups which work to help the people of Lake County. Such grants have totaled $132,000 per year for the last three years.

"We want everyone to learn more about our endowments we have for programs such as the Baldwin Promise and the scholarships we contribute to to help kids get into college," remarked Clarke. "We also want people to learn about our support for arts and culture initiatives, organizations which work with veterans and groups which work on outdoor preservation."