LCCF thanks community for support at Baked Potato Supper

BALDWIN — With some tasty dishes and good company, the Lake County Community Foundation held its successful 25th Baked Potato Supper on April 11 at the St. Ann's Meals Center.

Called a "friend-raiser" by the LCCF, the foundation used this dinner as an opportunity to tell Lake County residents about the LCCF and its support for nonprofits and students in the area, as well as make connections with members of the community.

The event organizers called the supper a resounding success. Even with no financial goal, a profit was made thanks to the LCCF's sponsors; profits which will go towards more futures grants within the community.

"The weather was good and we had great community support," said Mary Anderson, one of the events co-chairs. "There were more than 40 volunteers helping us. We were considering changing up the format of the dinner this year, but people really wanted us to bring it back and told us how much they really look forward to it every year. It's a great way to get to know your neighbors and come together with them."

Sally Murrey and Shawn Washington worked alongside Anderson as co-chairs, and the event was attended more than 240 Lake County residents. Those who took part enjoyed "loaded" potatoes, homemade desserts and the joy of seeing friends and neighbors after a harsh winter.

"The support of our community for the LCCF has repeatedly played a key role in our success as we work to make a difference for those who reside in Lake County," said Sandy Clarke, LCCF President. "There is no doubt that this dedicated commitment provides some very necessary help as the LCCF strives to assist in meeting the needs for education, the environment, parks and recreation, cultural events and health and human services agencies here."

The funds raised went towards covering the costs of the dinner, which was ordered through St. Ann’s meal service, with the left over funds going into the foundation’s general fund. This money is invested in the foundation's endowment, before being distributed to local groups which help enrich Lake County.

The LCCF are thankful for everyone who helped put the dinner on, particularly the committee who set it up, the sponsors who helped fund it and everyone who attended.

"The community we serve thanks the Baked Potato Supper attendees, as well as our entire donor base, for its compassionate support," said Clarke. "We hope that you will continue to partner with us in our commitment to provide a service to this wonderful community that is home for many of us."