LAKE COUNTY —  The Lake County Sportsman’s Club recently received a $2,800 grant from the Lake County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Fremont Area Foundation. With this money, the sportsman’s club purchased new guns for students to use during Hunter Safety Field Days at the Lake County Sportsman’s Club shooting range.

These new guns were used during a field day on Friday, with 20 youth ages 8 to 14 registered.

Leo Hesting, Hunter Safety instructor, said different organizations are coming together to make sure kids have a great experience with Hunter Safety.

“The LCCF is a generous benefactor and the Lake County Sportsman’s Club provides the land, facilities, equipment, targets, skeet and ammunition,” he said. “The Michigan Department of Natural Resources provides instructors and Fowler’s Home On The Range in Hersey, provides expert advice and great service. Thanks to the cooperation of all four groups, the kids are going to have some really cute guns to shoot.

“Cuteness aside, these guns, though fully functional and usable to hunt with, are smaller in size. They’re just right for children, teens and persons of smaller stature. Prior to this acquisition, instructors loaned their own personal guns, which generally resulted in children shooting with grownup guns. It can work, and it did, but now the kids’ can have a better learning experience.”