Is your home protected from wildfire?

LAKE COUNTY - Working in coordination with the US Forest Service and Michigan Department of Natural Resources, a small group of trained fire department personnel from Lake County will soon be out in the county conducting Wildfire Hazard Risk Assessments in high risk areas of the county.

“It is about doing what we can to help educate the homeowners in Lake County on how they can protect themselves from Wildfire,” said Michael Applewhite, project specialist for Lake County Emergency Management.

Lake County sits in the middle of the Manistee National Forest. It consists of woodlands adjacent to urban areas providing the opportunity for homes to be consumed when a wildfire occurs.

These assessments will fulfill the third requirement in developing the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which was completed early this year for Lake County. These assessments will allow the team to be able to recommend measures that homeowners and communities can take. This will reduce the possibilities of structures catching fire throughout the area.

These assessment team members will be driving vehicles marked with the Lake County Firewise logo, using flashing yellow lights and be wearing personal identification issued by Lake County Emergency Management. All assessments will be conducted off–site, meaning that your home or property will not be entered during the assessments.

The data will be collected and entered into an access based wildfire hazard risk assessment program. The results of the risk assessment or a more detailed assessment can be requested by talking to one of the assessment personnel on scene, or calling the number listed below.

The assessment teams will start with some of the higher risk areas, including southern areas of Lake County, including Idlewild, Big Star Lake, including the smaller lakes to the north, Baldwin Road, 68th Street, Foreman Road, and the Nugent Lake area. This work will begin on April 4-22, pending any changes in the weather.

For the past few years, there has been a number of Firewise Assessment conducted across many areas of Lake County.  The use of funding, provided by state and private forestry and funded through the Michigan DNR will make it possible conduct these assessments across a much broader area of Lake County.

If you are interested in a free Firewise evaluation please call (231) 745-6014, leave your contact information and hours to contact you. You will be contacted for an appointment.