Irons prepares for the yearly Blessing of the Sleds

IRONS - With a decent cover of snow, and hopefully more to come, members of the Irons Area Tourist Association are looking forward to a fine weekend of snow and sleds at the now annual Blessing of the Sleds.

The event was originally set for Jan. 7, but a decided lack of snow made it pretty much impossible to expect a good turnout.

An alternative date was set for this coming Saturday, Jan 21.

The day begins with a free pancake breakfast served from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. with the blessing being offered at 11 a.m. at Skinner Park.

“With the snow we’ve already gotten, folks are out and running sleds,” reported Paul Suits, a member of the organizing committee.

“At this point in time, we expect to be holding the Blessing.

“If there needs to be another delay for whatever reason, we will let people know by way of the website for the Irons Area Tourist Association which is

“There are conflicting reports as to how the weather may be for the weekend.”

If the Blessing is canceled, an alternative date will be announced. Planners are, nevertheless, hoping for the best case scenario.

Offering the blessing this year, as in years past, will be Pastor Steve Shannon, from the Irons Union Church.

“The pastor has enjoyed being with us for the past few years and we’re glad to have him take part once again,” noted Suits.

“We expect a good crowd.

“Last year, we had about 150 people take part. Some were sled riders and some were visitors not on sleds.

“This is a great event that brings a lot of visitors to our community in the dead of winter.

“That’s a good thing.”