International exchange students coming to Michigan this fall

LAKE COUNTY - A local Non Profit Exchange Program is inviting local Lake County families to host international exchange students for the 2011-2012 school year.

The teenage students come from over 30 countries and will attend local high schools. The students have their own spending money and insurance. Host families are responsible for meals, a place to sleep and a nurturing environment. STS Foundation has an experienced local coordinator that will supervise the student and support the family throughout the school year.

Here are some of the incoming students that are requesting families:

Justus comes from a town called Wessel near the river Rhine in Germany. He lives with his parents, his 18 yr old brother Constantin and their dog Hera. His dad is a geologist and his mom is a banker. Justus rides his bike to school where he enjoys science subjects, math and sports. After school he likes to go mountain biking, rowing or playing his cello. He loves biking and rowing but is open to other sports in the USA. He has played the cello for 10 years. Justus also enjoys going hunting with his dad. His mother says that Justus is a peaceful, agreeable and considerate young man. His teachers describe him as being polite and respectful towards everyone at school.

Bernice comes from Reunion Island which is a French territorial island in the pacific ocean. She lives with her parents and twin sister Anais. She has a 23 yr old sister who is at college in Bordeaux. Bernice’ dad is a gynecologist and her mom is a midwife. Her favorite hobbies are running, pistol shooting, swimming, cooking and drawing. She also loves music and plays the piano most evenings after school. Her dad describes her as being smart, brave and athletic. Her teacher says that she is a motivated hardworking student who will be a great ambassador for her country.

For questions about these and other students, call or email Julia Colingsworth at (616) 796-0553 or

STS Foundation is non-profit Student Exchange Program that is dedicated to opening hearts and homes to exchange students around the world.