Idlewilders plan conclave

On June 3-5 the Original Chicago Idlewilders, Inc. will host the 59th Annual National Idlewilders, Inc. Conclave. This year’s conclave will be the first held in Historic Idlewild.

The National Idlewilders, Inc. is an organization comprised of six Midwestern chapters. The chapters are Original Chicago Idlewilders, Inc., Detroit Idlewilders Club, Inc., Chicago Idlewilders, Inc., Cleveland Idlewilders, Inc., St. Louis Idlewilders, Inc. and Mid-Michigan Idlewilders, Inc. The National Idlewilders, Inc. was established to aid the support of charitable and civic endeavors.

Each year the National Idlewilders, Inc. supports higher education by awarding a scholarship to an exceptional high school student. The host chapter of the annual conclave and scholarship affair chooses the deserving student. This year the Original Chicago Idlewilders will choose a student. We believe our support will turn dreams into reality and to secure the future of our young people, education is the best source.

For more information please contact Dickey Adams, President, Original Chicago Idlewilders, Inc. at (773) 241-6860.