Household hazardous waste cleans up Lake County

Baldwin – The 10th Annual Household Hazardous Waste collection showed another successful year.

The Lake County collection site (Wenger Pavilion) collected 117 car loads of hazardous waste; which represented 306 individual participants.

This event was spear-headed by Charmaine Lucas of The Lake, Osceola, Mecosta Conservation District. Without the conservation district this program would not continue to happen. The Conservation District has implemented a committee. This committee does all the behind the scenes preparation for a successful event. In Lake County we are fortunate enough to have two committee members; Connie Theunick-Perley as Chairperson and Paul Bigford as committee member.

Connie Theunick-Perley collects items year-around for disposal. Here at MSUE-Lake Co. we collect used batteries for the program. However, until 2010 the pounds of batteries were not recorded separately. The combined total for the past two years is 1,520 pounds!

In the past 10 years the total pounds of hazardous waste has reached in excess of 45,195 pounds. This total only contains the amount for Lake County. We have had 1,158 individual participants in Lake County alone. This is outstanding to know that every year the importance of disposing of toxins and contaminants to our county is growing considerably.

The expense for this program is very high that is why they can only offer this once a year; the second Saturday in October annually. Committee member Paul Bigford schedules for students from Ferris State University to help unload the waste from resident’s vehicles that are taking advantage of this program.

MSU Extension Lake County has had the privilege of taking part in this program. Our team here Lake County works closely to provide the printing and production of the bulletins that our placed throughout the county. We also ensure an accurate account of resident’s and the townships they represent. We are the Lake County information headquarters and administrative assistants for Household Hazardous Waste program in Lake County.

Although it is not expected, the Volunteers accept monetary donations to help offset the cost of having the program brought to our county. Along with individual donations; many if not all the townships send in donations based upon their township budgets.

In 2012 the date will be Oct. 13 starting at 9 a.m. in the Wenger Pavilion parking area. If you would like to know more about this program or how to become a volunteer you are welcome to contact MSUE-Lake County at (231) 745-2732.