Hospice of Michigan ready to provide families with care

Implemented teleheath system to help with COVID restrictions

LAKE COUNTY -- Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, Hospice of Michigan provides peace, care and safety to families and their loved ones in need.

Whether someone has a family member currently in a care facility or is in need of assistance, the HOM is the first important step in that direction.

Ashley Glazier, market advisor for HOM, said she knows how difficult things can be during this time of year, particularly for families with elders in need of special care.

"We're just trying to reach out and let them know that Hospice of Michigan can be the bridge to home, wherever that may be," Glazier said. "Hospice of Michigan provides care where ever somebody calls home."

From nursing homes, to assisted living facilities, adult foster care homes and even a person's actual home, the HOM doesn't draw a line when it comes to providing care.

Even if someone doesn't necessarily qualify for hospice care, the HOM has the resources at the ready to help them with their next course of action.

For those with loved ones in need of constant care, Glazier stressed the importance of formulating a care plan and preparing early.

"We've always tried to tell the caregiver, 'You're never too early,'" Glazier said. "There's nothing wrong with being educated and knowing when the right time to call is. It's OK to be prepared. We can still make those visits, come out and give information."

Glazier said the HOM also has a phone line open around-the-clock should caregivers request information via phone call.

"We can still make sure that they do feel prepared for when that time does come," she said.

Making families feel at ease with the care their loved ones are receiving and knowing they are not alone is something Glazier and her colleagues take great pride in.

"I have met with many families personally and have gone over our hospice philosophy to let them know we do have staff, nurses, social workers, spiritual care 24-hours-a-day," Glazier said.

Giving families the reassurance they need to know care and safety is always of the highest regard is a top priority for the HOM.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hospice care centers have had to go above and beyond in completing their mission, while complying with ever-changing state-issued health and safety measures.

"Many caregivers don't want to send their loved ones to a hospital or to a nursing home now, because there are restrictions on visits," Glazier said. "We tell our families that we're going to teach them how to care for their loved one at home and make them feel comfortable that they can do this, with us by their side."

Fear can still be a strong motivator and Glazier said she has seen a fair amount of it among various individuals with family members in need during the pandemic.

As a response, HOM has implemented a telehealth system via Zoom to facilitate virtual meetings for families and the loved ones they might not be able to visit on a regular basis.

"A hoop we've really had to jump through is making sure our families still feel comfortable that their loved ones are getting the proper care while they're maybe not as hands-on as they used to be," Glazier said. " ... Also reassuring them that we are taking the correct steps to make sure that we are safe to protect the loved ones and the caregivers that are taking care of them."