BALDWIN — Last week Tannya Scales, healthy living/life Coach, gave a presentation to parents on the importance for having a great start in nutrition for their children. She spoke on how nutrition affects a child’s attitude, behavior, attention span and retention.

Her goal was to help parents avoid over consumption of sugar and fatty foods in their child’s diet. She shared the importance of focusing on foods with the intention to feed the brain, so that it is ready to receive and process the information without hunger distractions.

Scales also gave statistics on the rise of childhood diabetes and what to do to prevent it by increasing foods high in fiber, drinking plenty of water in place of the usual sugary drinks and exercising.

A food demonstration was given on how to make veggie and fruit pizzas by using hummus and non dairy cream cheese in place of tomato sauce. Parents and children enjoyed eating the variety of pizzas. Each family were given an adult and children’s cook book along with ingredients to make their own veggie and fruit pizzas at home.

This program was made possible by the Trusted Advisor grant.