Green Door Baldwin gets green light for recreational marijuana sales

Approvals now all in place

BALDWIN -- The Pleasant Plains Township planning commission held a public hearing on the approval of the sale of recreational marijuana at Green Door Baldwin at its meeting June 18.

No one from the public showed up to voice their opinion on the approval.

Following the public hearing portion of the meeting, the planning commission voted unanimously to allow recreational marijuana retail sales at the facility.

Green Door Baldwin owners, Steve and Audrey Dominique attended the meeting and thanked the commission for the approval.

"We want to thank the planning commission, and the township, for working with us to get this done," Steve Dominique said. "We appreciate everything you have done, and you have been great to work with."

Audrey Dominque said they began the sale of recreational marijuana products a couple of weeks ago, but they still had to go through all the formalities of getting the approvals in place.

"The township previously said they had no issues with the sale of recreational products, but we just had to go through the process," she said. "This was just the last step in the process."

The Dominiques plan to open an additional store in the Baldwin area at U.S.-10 and Forman Road.

They are now in the process of getting all the necessary approvals from the state and local officials for the second store, Audrey Dominique said.

"We are looking at possibly opening that store in the next couple of months," she said. "It will open with both medical and recreational sales. We are just waiting on getting the proper approvals."

Once the COVID-19 restrictions for social gatherings are lifted, they could possibly host a grand opening for both stores, Audrey Dominque said.

The Green Door Baldwin currently employees eight workers, and with the opening of the new store, that will add at least eight more jobs, the Dominiques said.

In addition, plans are in the works for establishing a grow facility near the store on U.S.-10, which will eventually provide 20 or more jobs, they said.

"That will be within the next two years," the Dominiques said. "Once that is established, we are looking at establishing an extraction, or processing facility, which will add additional jobs."