Grant helps keep youth camp afloat

Rose Lake Youth Camp receives $5K for electrical fixes

LeROY — The Rose Lake Youth Camp announced this week it had received a $4,990 grant from the Great Lakes Energy People Fund, the foundation arm of the northern Michigan energy utility firm.

According to a press release issued by the youth camp, Rose Lake was in danger of not being able to open in 2019 due to the breakdown of its vintage electrical wiring at the camp. Several of the camp's buildings and half of the outdoor lights had stopped receiving power. Quotes to make the necessary repairs far exceeded the camp’s capital improvement fund.

"With the generous support of the Great Lakes Energy People Fund, we were able to make the critically needed repairs and open on time. In addition, Great Lakes Energy even came out and did a demonstration on electricity," the press release stated. "The northern Michigan community, especially its children, will now be able to continue to attend the Rose Lake Youth Camp and benefit from its positive camping experiences for years to come."

The Rose Lake Youth Camp has been providing camping experiences to thousands of children in northern Michigan since 1948.