Grace Mobile Pantry to host bake sale fundraiser

BALDWIN — Good news for those have both a sweet tooth and a desire to help: the Grace Mobile Food Pantry will be hosting a bake sale to help raise funds for their monthly food giveaway.

The food pantry will host the bake sale from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m on Friday, May 22, at Lake Osceola State Bank and from 9 am until noon on Saturday, May 23, at Houseman's Grocery, both in Baldwin.

It will support the pantry's monthly food distribution programs which many residents need to survive. April Alliston, a volunteer with the food pantry, helps organize both the monthly events as well as the bake sale.

"We want to continue the food distribution program," said Alliston. "The churches of the community are supporting this but they can only do so much."

Based out of Grace Lutheran Church in Baldwin, the Grace Mobile Food Pantry helps between 100 and 170 Lake County families each month by providing them with fresh food to help sustain them through hard times.

Proceeds from the bake sale will go directly toward funding the program by paying for food, the costs of the truck which delivers the food and the driver. More than 25 community members are contributing to the bake sale.

"It's something we can all do to help," said Alliston's husband, Tom, who also helps with the program. "You can help feed the needy in our community."

Those seeking help from the food program should register ahead of time, as they need to prove they are Lake County residents in order to take part. This is a safety measure against those who take advantage of programs like this. Alliston said people who travel from community to community taking resources away from those who really need help has become a genuine problem for organizations like theirs.

For those in the community who do need help, for those who want to help or for people who just want to grab a sweet treat, the members of the Grace Mobile Pantry are happy to be of service.

"People can always donate to the food program or they can buy something from the bake sale if they want to help," said Alliston. "It's a wonderful experience volunteering and coming together with people from the other churches."