Girl Scouts kick off annual fundraiser

GRAND RAPIDS — Girl Scouts across northern and western Michigan are gearing up for the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program and celebrating the Girl Scouts 100th birthday with a new cookie: Savannah Smiles.

“This is such an exciting time for Girl Scouts - we’re celebrating 100 years, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than with a new cookie, honoring our founder Juliette Gordon Low,” said Gloria Lara, chief executive officer for the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. “Juliette founded Girl Scouts back in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia, and this cookie is a special treat that reflects our heritage.”

Savannah Smiles, a light, lemon-flavored cookie, will be available for order when the Girl Scout Cookie kicks off on January 20, 2012. Girls will be taking cookie pre-orders from January 20 to February 16, and cookie booth sales will take place March 23 through April 15, 2012.

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program is always a favorite of the girls,” explains Taryn Myers, product sales director for Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. “They look forward to participating in it each year, but this year it’s even more special. The girls not only get to learn essential life skills through the program, but they get to share in a historic moment with girls across the country as we celebrate our 100th birthday.”

Girl Scout Cookies are still $3.50 a box,and all proceeds stay within the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore council to help fund girl-led programming. A portion of the proceeds also also goes directly to the girls, whether individually or in a troop, for service projects, trips or to participate in special events.

“It’s important to let people know that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is more than just a “sale” - it’s a leadership program for the girls, said Lara. “As we celebrate 100 years of building leaders, this year’s cookie program is just a reminder that girls can, and are, doing amazing things throughout their communities. Every cookie has a mission; to help girls do great things, and our girls certainly take that to heart.”

This cookie season, Savannah Smiles joins the other Girl Scout cookie favorites; Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, Do-Si-Sos, Dulce de Leche, Thank U Berry Munch, and Tagalongs.

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