BALDWIN -- Pleasant Plains Township Supervisor Tammy Ghent officially resigned her position at a special meeting of the township board of trustees May 30. The board made a motion to accept Ghent's resignation, effective June 1, and it was accepted unanimously.

Following that motion, the board made a motion to appoint Deputy Supervisor Kevin Braddy to the position of township supervisor effective June 1, which was also accepted unanimously.

"I have been trying to step back a little," Ghent said. "I have a lot going on at work and at home, and was ready to let Kevin take over."

Braddy asked Ghent if she would consider the position of deputy supervisor and she accepted.

"I will still be here doing a lot in the background to help out," Ghent said. "Kevin is running in November, and I am not, so this will give him an opportunity to transition into the position, and I will be here to help him."

Braddy, who had previously been the deputy supervisor, will be running unopposed for the supervisor position on the ballot in November.

"I was running in November anyway, and the township has a lot of decisions that need to be made, so it was a question of when I should take over making those decisions," Braddy said. "She (Ghent) decided she would step back and allow me to begin. She will remain as my deputy supervisor, working in the background to help us make those tough decisions."

Braddy said the township is looking at some tough battles ahead with state revenue sharing being cut.

"The township has already cut a lot of "fat" out of their budget, and our revenue still isn't covering our operational expenses," he said. "We will have to look at increasing our operational revenue, or making some cuts to services. Those are the decisions we will be making."