Getting ready to run

LAKE COUNTY - Three members of the elected leadership of Lake County have decided to make another go of it, and filed petitions with the County Clerk’s office beginning their campaigns in hopes of winning another term in office.

County Clerk Shelly Myers, Treasurer Brenda Kutchinski, and Lake County Sheriff’s Department Bob Hilts all met at the clerk’s reception window to file their petitions and announce their intentions on Tuesday morning.

All three turned their petitions and filing materials over to deputy clerk Gail Kidder, who reviewed the forms making sure all was in place and proper.

Myers noted she hoped the people of the county would keep her in place.

“I love my job,” she said. “I actually do love coming to work in the morning.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes take place in our county - most of them for the good.

“I hope to be a part of getting things done in the future as well.

“It is good watching our county grow and move forward.

“I hope to continue being a part of that growth process.”

Kidder also made sure Hilts paperwork was correct and in good form.

Hilts said he had decided to run again because “there are still things that need to be done.”

“There’s still a lot for me to do here,” he pointed out.

“The biggest reason is also the simplest - I enjoy being able to help people.”

Hilts has been with the LCSD 33 years, and has served as sheriff for 20 of those years.

“It’s great to be in position in which I am able to help people when they call,” he continued.

Hilts reported his department was in “great shape.”

“We have great people in this department,” he said.

“There are fine people here serving the people of this county.’

“I’m proud of every one of them.”

As noted, also filing her reelection bid was long-time treasurer Brenda Kutchinski.

Kutchinski said she still had a lot of energy left and believed there was still a lot of good she could contribute to her community.

“I enjoy coming to work in the morning,” she noted. “There is always a lot going on.

“There’s a lot happening in our office including the continuing development of the county ‘land bank’ that has already been successful in bringing in quite a bit of revenue.

“I am absolutely looking forward to what there is to come ...if I am reelected.”

The three were the first filings for any elected post in Lake County to date.