BITELY — Despite the wet weather, families came out to enjoy all the festivities at the 62nd Annual Bitely Homecoming this weekend. The festival highlights old-fashioned family fun and celebrates community.

Event organizer Harry Johnson said even though the weather didn’t cooperate, there was a good crowd and everyone seemed to have a great time.

“The weather dampened the event a little, but everything went well,” Johnson said. “It was a fun-filled weekend for everyone.”

Kids competed in a pie-eating contest, watermelon-eating contest and even had the opportunity to win a pig by competing in a pig chase. Three age groups participated in the chase, with the three pigs captured being given away. If the parents chose not to keep the pig, it was auctioned off.

The crowns for little queen and king of Bitely went to Raelynn Scarfone and Lucian Welch, respectively.

Dan and Fran Nelson were chosen as senior couple of the year. The couple has been very active in the Bitely community for many years.

“I’d say Fran and Dan are a real asset to Bitely and we are proud to have them as our 2018 senior couple,” Johnson said.

Among the many fun features of the festival were fireworks on Friday night, a car show, live music, a parade on Sunday and canoe races.

“We had a really good fireworks show. The rain cleared up just in time for fireworks, and when they were over, it began pouring,” Johnson said. “Money raised from raffle tickets will go toward next year’s event. Fireworks are expensive, and we have prizes we give out, but we manage to come out all right and have extra money for the next year.”