BALDWIN — A group of volunteers come together under the umbrella of Forgotten Man Ministries to reach out to inmates serving time in the Lake County Jail and Residential Reentry Program for technical rule violators.

“There are 83 counties in the state, and a sheriff oversees the jail in each county. The Forgotten Man Ministries provides inmates spiritual support throughout the state and in Lake County,” said Nate Deward, Forgotten Man Ministries assistant director. “The chaplain, a paid position, is the lead person in each jail ministry, then a bunch of volunteers teach classes, provide counseling and spiritual support to inmates. What we do is considered faith-based rehabilitation.”

Men and women in the jail system or RRP can choose to participate in the program. Deward said the ministry is rewarding because it allows inmates to focus on something positive.

“When inmates in the jail or RRP are ready to go back into the community, they get back into life with new perspective and hopefully work on changing themselves and get a fresh start,” he said.

With the holidays approaching, Deward said it is a time to further reach out to the inmates. The ministry will gift the inmates with practical things like socks, and give them treats.

“This is something the inmates enjoy, to get a gift from our ministry,” he said.

Deward said those who want to volunteer for Forgotten Man Ministries can go to the website, and click the button, “Get Involved.”

“We are hiring a full-time chaplain in Lake County,” he added. “To learn more, go to our website. It is a paid full time position.”