FiveCAP to host food preservation workshop

BALDWIN — FiveCAP, Inc. will be holding its annual food preservation workshop on Wednesday, during which low-income residents will receive supplies and learn about how to safely can and freeze fresh fruits and vegetables.

The workshop will be led by a professional from Michigan State University Extension who will share all the latest information about canning and freezing and show participants how to extend the summer growing season until next year.

Food preservation is a science and, as with all science, it evolves as information becomes available. Even residents who have been canning for years will gain new insights and tips from the workshop. Participants also will receive six canning jars, 10 gallon freezer bags and 20 quart freezer bags to help them get started.

The food preservation workshop is one of FiveCAP’s longest-running programs. The importance of arming low-income residents with the tools to become self-sufficient is an important part of FiveCAP’s mission and this program gives families the ability to have some control over their food.

Many of these residents depend on assistance programs such as FiveCAP’s monthly and quarterly food distribution programs and local food pantries. Residents have no control over what they will get with these programs, just as they have no way to affect the amount they get from SNAP (formerly food stamps).

By teaching people to garden in the spring and preserve food in the fall, FiveCAP is helping them gain control over some of the food they consume and become more self-sufficient overall.

The food preservation workshop will be held at 1 p.m. on Wednesday at the Lake County FiveCAP office, located at 2476 West 44th St. in Baldwin. To sign up, stop by the office or call

(231) 745-4617.