FiveCAP to distribute food to seniors

BALDWIN — FiveCAP, Inc. will be distributing its Commodity Supplemental Food Program boxes to income-eligible senior citizens on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

The program is designed to supplement the diets of low-income seniors, age 60 and older, a demographic that is often forced to make difficult choices when it comes to spending their fixed income. Good nutrition sometimes takes a backseat to other expenses such as utilities and medications.

"Historically, poverty has disproportionately affected our older population," said FiveCAP Executive Director Mary Trucks. "At the same time people are aging out of jobs, they are developing costly health care needs. So as their income decreases, their cost of living goes up."

The boxes always include items such as canned fruits, vegetables and meat, cheese, pasta, beans and juice. Trucks said the boxes are designed to include the basic necessities required for a well-balanced, healthy diet.

"CSFP is one of many programs that is helping to make up this difference," remarked Trucks. "Seniors are often forced to choose between their various essential costs and they give up buying good, nutritious food so they can afford their medications or pay their utility bills. These boxes provide some of the staples from each food group, and help seniors stretch their grocery budget."

CSFP is open to seniors 60 and older whose household income is within 130 percent of poverty, which is $15,444 for a single-person household and increases by $5,408 for each additional person residing in the home. To apply for the program, seniors must provide 30 days proof of income, birthdates and Social Security numbers for everyone in the home and valid photo identification.

Distribution will take place from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10, at FiveCAP’s Lake County office, located at 2476 West 44th St., in Baldwin. For more information, call (231) 745-4617, or stop by the office to apply.