FiveCAP partners with FHC to offer COVID-19 vaccination outreach

Vaccination Clinic scheduled for Sept. 24

LAKE COUNTY -- With COVID-19 still on the rise, individuals can safeguard against the virus and protect themselves, their family and community by receiving a vaccine.

FiveCAP, Inc., is pleased to partner with Family Health Care to offer a COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach Program helping to make safety a priority in Lake County.

A vaccine clinic will be available for residents and non-residents on Friday, Sept. 24, at Robert F. Williams Head Start Community & Family Service Center, located at 2448 W. 44th St., Baldwin.

To encourage people to get vaccinated, an incentive program is being offered.

A vaccine recipient will receive a $25 gift card for each Moderna shot,, plus a $10 food voucher. Recipients will receive a $50 card for the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, plus a $10 food voucher.

Vaccine recipients also will be entered into a raffle for $500.

Anyone fully vaccinated who encourages a person to attend the vaccine clinic also may get a $25 gift card. They must accompany the vaccine recipient to the clinic and show proof of vaccination status to receive the gift card.

Gift cards will be mailed to recipients.

People of all ages are susceptible to the COVID virus, which can have long-term effects. One out of three people infected with COVID has a new neurological or psychological diagnosis within three months of their infection. The vaccine might make a person feel tired or achy for a day or two, but could save their life. The vaccine is up to 95 percent effective (depending on the manufacturer) at preventing COVID-19 infection, and if a person is fully vaccinated, they don't need to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID.

Those who have already had COVID are encouraged to get a vaccine to boost their immunity, prevent getting the virus again, and prevent spreading it to others, as the antibodies made by their immune system from the virus last only about three months.

To make an appointment, contact the Lake County FiveCAP Office at (231) 745-4617, or stop by the office at 2476 W. 44th St., Baldwin.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach Program is funded by the Michigan Primary Care Association.