FiveCAP offers training and support for CDA

LAKE COUNTY — FiveCAP IS offering training and support for Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials.

The National Head Start Program requires that a Head Start Teacher Assistant have a minimum of a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and Early Head Start Home Visitors must have a minimum of a Home Visitor CDA.

The Child Development Associate Credential is a nationally recognized credential sponsored by the Council for Professional Recognition. It is a comprehensive program that recognizes essential competencies needed by beginning, as well as seasoned early childhood professionals.

To support staff in reaching the educational standards needed, FiveCAP offers a program that provides classes in early childhood development including such topics as child development, family relationships and providing a safe, healthy environment in which young children can explore and learn. The course walks staff through the CDA process which also includes putting together a professional portfolio, classroom observation and test preparation. Staff time, mileage and text books are paid for by FiveCAP, as well as the cost of the application process.

The CDA program is a wonderful stepping stone for higher education and other employment opportunities in the early childhood field.

Joan Meeusen, Assistant/Director of Education & Training said, “We believe that each child has enormous potential. More and more research is showing that quality early education opportunities have a lifelong benefit for children. By the time a child is just 5 years of age, the brain has undergone about 85% of its development.”

For our Head Start and Early Head Start programs to be able to provide high quality learning experiences and environments, we must have teaching staff who are well educated and prepared to meet the individual needs of each child.

FiveCAP offers early childhood employment opportunities throughout Mason, Lake, Manistee and Newaygo counties. For more information, visit