First Baptist Church honors pastor

IDLEWILD - The Pastoral Anniversary Committee of the Historic First Baptist Church of Idlewild will celebrate their pastor, the Rev. Winston L. Welch’s first anniversary at 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 16.

Dr. Sheryl Cox, of Southfield, Michigan’s “Heart of Christ” Ministry will be the guest speaker for the anniversary program and the community choir “The Encouragers” will minister with songs.

Anniversary chairwoman Helen Wyatt extended an invitation to the entire community saying “come fellowship with us as we honor the contributions of our ministers’ leadership in our church and in our community.”

Rev. Welch, who was recently named the 2011 “Idlewild Citizen of the Year” for his dedicated service to the community by the Mid-Michigan Idlewilders, is a member of the United Christian Ministers Fellowship and a member of the Baldwin High School Promise Board.

The Historic First Baptist Church of Idlewild is located at 7552 Forman Road between US-10 and 68th Street in Idlewild. For more information regarding the program, phone (231) 745-7448.