BALDWIN — Thanks to the quick work of firefighters from Webber Township, a propane tank fire at Cloud 9 Resort north of Baldwin was quickly put out and resort guests were kept safe.

“We received a call a propane tank was on fire on Saturday afternoon. We quickly responded to the scene,” said Webber Township Fire Department Captain Mike Oisten.

A 25-pound propane tank attached to a barbecue grill caught fire, emitting a 2.5-foot flame.

The burning tank was about 15 feet from a cabin toward the rear of the resort. There were five children and two adults in the cabin.

“We sheltered the children and adults near the back of the cabin. With the tank on fire, there was a small risk of explosion. It took 3,000 gallons of water to keep the tank cool and let the fire burn out — the safest way to deal with this kind of fire. We were on scene about a half hour to 45 minutes cooling the tank,” Oisten said.

The fire department had a water source truck ready and other trucks on hand in case the building caught fire or the tank exploded.

“The hose which connected the tank to the grill ripped apart and caught on fire due to what we believe was the hose not being secured tight enough to the tank. There was enough pressure the tank blew off the grill and rolled on the ground toward the cabin. It could have rolled into the cabin if it wasn’t stopped by a fence,” he added. “This was the second grill to catch fire in Webber in the past two years. In both instances, the tank was not secured tight enough to the grill. It is a good idea to make sure tanks are properly hooked to the grill and to have fire extinguishers nearby.

“This was an interesting call. Everyone in the department has practiced for these kinds of calls, but never got to use the knowledge in an actual situation. Everything went very smooth. We had the scene safe within minutes of getting there.”