Finding the right doctor to keep quality of life at its best

Finding the right physician is not an easy task. Your health is very important. You have to be comfortable with your doctor, because the consequences can be very serious. Not liking your doctor means there is a greater chance you would put off preventive care visits, avoid getting medical care when you need it or worse, discount the physician’s advice or treatment.

Make a list about what matters to you before you start looking for a doctor. What is important to some patients doesn’t matter to others. Do you care about the doctor’s age, gender or how long they have been practicing? Two things that should be on everyone’s list: What insurance they accept and where they are located. Make sure your doctor is in your network and practices where you live.

Make sure your doctor can connect with other physicians. If you have a number of medical problems and need to see many doctors, your primary care physician should work with the other doctors to be sure that you:

  • Understand the care plan.
  • Get support in following recomendations.
  • Know how to continue your care when the consultant’s work is finished.

And read the certificates on the doctor’s wall. You need to find a physician who is board certified in their specialty. Having board certification is the most direct way to know if the physician has completed and approved formal training in that specialty.

Schedule a “meet and greet.” You don’t have to wait until you are sick to visit a doctor. Ask questions about how they prescribe antibiotics. Ask how they feels about alternative medicine.

You can always Google a a doctor’s name to get more information. Most doctor’s have a Web page. Be sure to listen closely to your doctor and ask questions if you do not totally understand what they are saying. Be wary of any reviews of doctors that are put on YELP. Most reviews given there are negative.