Election month is the new election day

Dear Editor:

Since childhood, we are taught that the United States of America is a democracy. Good citizenship means we stay informed and participate in government.

We participate in government best when all voices are heard. The power of our voices is heard when everyone votes.

Voting on Election Day is hard. We're busy with work, school, and daily life. Sometimes the weather is bad. And there are the people who make it hard: Long lines, short hours, broken machines, incorrect paperwork, confusing choices, not enough workers, not enough trained workers, and not enough time.

Voting shouldn't be hard. Voting should be something a child can do. We tell our children that voting is important. That's how to be a good citizen.

This year, due to COVID_19, Michiganders have the ability to vote and stay safe. No-reason absentee voting is available for all voters. Election Day is now Election Month. We can apply once and vote in the Aug. 4 and Nov. 3 elections in 2020.

Through absentee voting you can vote from home. Election Month voting is smart, easy, convenient, safe, and even fun. Use Election Month to show children and others how to be good citizens. Show them how you -- and they -- make democracy work. Celebrate Michigan Election Month to vote from home.

Election Month is the new normal, and we're better for it.

Kelly Weaver,

Pinor Township